Bryce Nelson

Master Screen Printer and Owner

Bryce Nelson is a seasoned screen printer with a rich history in the craft, dating back to 1989. His journey began alongside his father, Larry Nelson, who owned Nelson Uniforms in Middle River, MN. The family business underwent a transformation in the 90s, becoming Grand Central Graphics, where Bryce continued to hone his skills.

Moving from the northern plains to the sun-soaked landscapes of Phoenix, Arizona, and later to the picturesque Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Bryce gained invaluable experience working for various screen printing companies. However, the call of his hometown was strong, and he and his wife, Melissa, eventually returned to Middle River.

In 1994, Bryce and Melissa joined forces to establish their own enterprise, Nelson Ink. This endeavor allowed Bryce to amalgamate his extensive knowledge, work experience, and unbridled passion for screen printing into a thriving business. Over the years, Nelson Ink evolved beyond screen printing, delving into the art of embroidery in the late 90s. Subsequently, the company expanded its repertoire to include digital graphics, encompassing signs, banners, and stickers.

As the owner of Nelson Ink, Bryce dons multiple hats, including the role of the company's IT guru. He has adeptly cultivated his computer knowledge, delving into the intricacies of building entire systems and networking. Bryce's versatility and dedication have played a pivotal role in the success of Nelson Ink.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Bryce shares a lifelong partnership with Melissa, celebrating their union since 1994. Together, they have nurtured a loving family with four children - Elizabeth, Emma, Eve, and Ezekiel - and their faithful companion, a dog named Flash.

Bryce's zest for learning is ever-present, reflected in his eclectic range of hobbies. From painting minis and creating captivating oil paintings to mastering airbrush techniques and cultivating hydroponics, his interests are certainly diverse.

Melissa Nelson


Phone: 218-222-3831 #109

Manager Sale

Welcome to the world of graphic design and screen printing, where Melissa has been making her mark since 1992. As the co-owner and manager of Nelson Ink, Melissa's journey in the graphic design and screen printing industry began nearly three decades ago. Her love for visual expression and creative design fueled her career from the start. 

Melissa’s role at Nelson Ink extends far beyond design. She expertly manages a dedicated team of sales professionals, accounting and purchasing personnel, and the production team. 

Melissa and Bryce are not just business partners; they are life partners too. They are proud parents to four wonderful children: Elizabeth (Lizzie), Emma, Eve (Evie), and Ezekiel (Zeke). Their family also includes a dog named Flash and a charming cat named Dash. Since 1994, they have called Middle River, MN, Bryce's hometown, their own. They cherish the tight-knit community and love raising their kids in such a wonderful place.

In addition to her professional life, Melissa enjoys a variety of hobbies. Reading and painting are her creative outlets. She also finds joy in family time, playing board games and cards, and exploring new destinations together while traveling.


Jessica Logelin

Senior Sales Representative

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Cell: 218-684-5544

Jessica's Specials

Jessica is a dedicated Sales Representative at Nelson Ink, known for providing exceptional customer service and offering valuable expertise in artwork assistance. With a career that began in 2012, she has a remarkable track record of building strong client relationships and delivering top-notch printing solutions.

In 2014, Jessica embarked on a two-year maternity leave to welcome and nurture her newest addition of her three wonderful kiddos. During this time, she took on the role of a licensed daycare provider, not only caring for her own children but also providing a safe and nurturing environment for other families in the community.

Upon returning to the professional world, Jessica resumed her career at Nelson Ink with even greater determination and enthusiasm, quickly reestablishing herself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking customized, high-quality printed materials.

Beyond her professional achievements, Jessica is a dedicated volunteer EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), serving the community during times of crisis. She brings her compassion and expertise to help those in need during medical emergencies.

In her personal life, Jessica shares her home with her husband, dogs and chickens, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere. When the summer sun shines, you can often find her tending to her garden.

With her commitment to excellent customer service, artistic expertise, dedication to family, community service as a volunteer EMT, and a green thumb for gardening, Jessica continues to make a significant impact in the printing industry while nurturing a rich and fulfilling personal life.



Sales & Marketing Representative

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Cell: 218-416-0576

Page's Picks

Greetings! I'm Paige Scholin, and my life has been a vibrant blend of creativity, family, and a passion for both photography and marketing.

My professional journey began as a Digital Imaging Specialist, where I dedicated 1.5 years to perfecting the art of editing product photography for an electronic distribution company. During this time, I developed a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the visual aesthetics that drive consumer engagement. Transitioning into the role of a Product Photographer, I spent a rewarding 3 years capturing the essence of products through my lens. These experiences allowed me to infuse life into inanimate objects, showcasing their features and benefits in the most compelling way possible. My journey then led me to the world of 360 Product Photography, where I spent 3.5 years. This immersive medium enabled me to provide customers with a truly interactive and immersive view of products, revolutionizing the way they engage with items in the digital space.

Parallel to my professional growth, I embarked on a path of higher education, starting my college studies in Marketing Management in 2021. Armed with a solid foundation in marketing principles, I was prepared to embark on a new adventure.

In August 2022, I took on the role of Sales and Marketing Specialist at Nelson Ink, a move that has proven to be immensely fulfilling. Working in the B2B realm, I've had the privilege of helping companies bring their brands to life through promotional products and custom apparel. The high-paced environment at Nelson Ink keeps me energized, and I eagerly look forward to each day's new challenges and opportunities.

Outside of work, my heart belongs to my family. My fiancé and I raise three beautiful children, accompanied by our faithful dog, Piper, and three charming cats named Buttons, Lulu, and Jerry. We thrive on outdoor adventures, enjoying bike rides and exploring different parks in our surrounding areas, creating cherished memories together.

As for my hobbies, I'm an avid rock hounder with a deep passion for geology. I love studying the geological history of various locations, always adding new destinations to my bucket list for future rock hounding adventures. Finding fossils and unraveling the mysteries of the past is a source of endless fascination and joy for me.

In essence, my life is a tapestry woven with threads of creativity, family, professional growth, and a deep love for the natural world. Each day is a new opportunity to explore, learn, and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of life.



Order Entry Representative

Phone: 218-222-3831 # 111

Hello! I'm Clare, a seasoned professional with a remarkable 17-year career in the realm of customer service. My journey is a testament to adaptability, resilience, and a deep commitment to both my work and my family.

My journey with Nelson Ink began in 2017. For two years, I worked in the Shipping and Receiving department. Receiving, sorting, folding and shipping customer orders. 

In 2019, I transitioned to the role of Front End Manager at Hugo's, a position that required me to lead a team effectively. My leadership skills were put to the test during the challenging times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. My ability to maintain exceptional customer service while managing my team showcased my dedication and adaptability.

In a heartwarming move, I decided to take a year off to become a stay-at-home mom when Finnegan was born. During this precious time, I dedicated myself to nurturing my growing family. My fiancé, Matt, and our two wonderful boys, Evan (16) and Finnegan (2), are the center of my world.

In April 2023, I made a triumphant return to Nelson Ink, taking on a new role in Data Entry at the front desk while continuing to assist in my former department. My organizational skills continue to serve me well in my current position, and my willingness to support my old team underscores my commitment to the company's success. I help out where ever help is needed.

Outside of my professional life, my family and I treasure quality time together riding bikes, exploring state parks, campfires and immersing ourselves in the wonders of the outdoors. Movie nights, game sessions, and cooking adventures are cherished activities that strengthen the bonds of our loving family. Our home is always busy and full of laughter. 



Master of Production

Phone: 218-222-3831 # 102

Greetings, I'm Shawn Meyer, the dedicated individual responsible for overseeing the entire production team at Nelson Ink. My mission is to ensure that every product we create is nothing short of amazing. As a screenprinter, I've poured a decade of hard work and passion into my craft, striving for excellence with each project.

Originally hailing from Fridley, Minnesota, I eventually found my way to the serene town of Grygla, where I've proudly resided for the past 12 years. Embracing the peaceful and fulfilling country life has been a wonderful journey for me, and I'm grateful for every moment spent in this charming community.

I share my life in Grygla with my loving wife, and together, we relish the simple joys of living in this close-knit town. Our family has been further enriched with the arrival of our energetic 2-year-old grandson. Being able to spend quality time with them brings boundless happiness to my heart, and I cherish these moments.

Beyond my professional life, I find immense satisfaction in working on my yard and taking on various projects in my shed. Whether it's tending to the landscape or tinkering with new ideas, I'm drawn to the hands-on aspect of these activities. The feeling of accomplishment when I see the results of my efforts is truly rewarding.

As a person who values both family and craftsmanship, I consider myself fortunate to have found a home in Grygla and a fulfilling career at Nelson Ink. Life here in the countryside provides the perfect backdrop for my interests and passions, and I'm excited for the future as I continue to contribute my skills to our dedicated team and savor the moments with my loved ones. 

 Picture of Flash


Official Morale Booster

Meet Flash, the heart and soul of Nelson Ink, affectionately known as the "Ol' Shop Dog." Flash is not just a furry face around the office; he's an integral part of our team and has been for quite some time. Flash is a Brittany Spaniel with a personality as vibrant as his name suggests. He brings a unique energy and charm to our workplace that's hard to put into words. With a wagging tail and a heart full of love, he's been spreading joy and tail-wags for years.


  • Greeting Committee: Flash takes his role as the official greeter of all delivery drivers very seriously. He eagerly barks hello to every truck that rolls into our back lot, ensuring everyone feels welcome.
  • Office Companion: In the summertime, you'll often find Flash chilling his heels in the office with Melissa. He's got his own luxurious doggie bed behind her desk, and he's not afraid to use it.
  • Seasonal Expert: Flash is a pro at staying comfortable year-round. In the winter, he warms up either in the back under the radiant flash dryer in production or next to the cozy electric fireplace.
  • Snack Enthusiast: Our delivery drivers know that a little extra treat in their trucks is a must because Flash is always up for a snack-sharing session. Flash lives in Middle River with his human family of six, but his arch-nemesis, Dash the cat, is also part of the household. Flash is a fan of car rides, and he's got his very own chauffeur, Bryce, to get him where he needs to go.
  • Barking Prodigy: Flash is a barking virtuoso, especially when it comes to serenading the neighbor dogs.
  • Door Dasher: He's an expert at going inside the house and back outside again, with an impressive frequency of 15-20 times an hour.
  • Family Foodie: Flash takes his role as the family food critic quite seriously. He intently watches his family eat every single meal, offering his own unique commentary. Flash, the "Ol' Shop Dog," is more than just a pet; he's a cherished member of our Nelson Ink family. His boundless energy and unwavering loyalty brighten our days, and we couldn't imagine the office without him. Here's to many more years of tail-wagging and treats with Flash!
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